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Clay Stories: Louisiana

I saw you, sitting there on the corner, and I wondered where you had been and what you had done. (Clay stories: Louisiana)

Audio, mp3 players, digital prints.

22"x18" (print), ~5"x5" (audio elements): X4


"Clay Stories: Louisiana" is currently on display at NCECA (National Council for Education in Ceramic Artis) in Oregon as part of the group show "Corner of Siskiyou and Indiana: 10 years, 10 artists."

^photo by Trevis True

1. Box of Clay.  Interview with Lonnie Meshell.

Box of Clay - Lonnie Meshell
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2. Earth Oven. Interview with Alleyn Evans and Eleanor Warner.

Earth Oven - Alleyn Evans, Eleanor Warner
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3. Porcelain Tiles. Interview with Charles Toney, source images by Charles Toney.

Porcelain Tiles - Charles Toney
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4. Newcomb Pottery. Interview with Katie Burlison. 

Newcomb Pottery - Katie Burlison
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