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grlrm productions ("girl* room") is a feminist arts and research collective that investigates the culture and politics of the girl's bedroom.  The group's core collaborators are Natalie Blaustone-Dye, Melissa Geppert, Rebecca Gabrielle, Kate Holub, and Eden Redmond.  Their shared research can be found on the grlrm blog.  Below are some of the specific contributions of Natalie Blaustone-Dye along with show documentation. *girl is understood in expansive/inclusive terms.

grlrm showed at StudioXX in Montreal, Canada as part of the group show, "Occupation(s)" in November, 2016.  The show was an interactive, multi-media installation including zines, screen capture videos, sculptural installations, a digital and physical archiving station ("clutter shame"), an audio experience ("bedroom oral histories") a workshop table, and more.

installation view 1
resource corner
installation view 2
installation view 3
vanity wall
listening station
digital archive station
participants 2
vanity wall 2
presenting 2
workshop table
opening night 1
opening night 2
opening night 3

grlrm Exposition

November, 2016

Filmed and produced by StudioXX.

Bedroom Oral Histories

An ongoing audio archive project.

"What was your most important bedroom? Why? Describe it."

Bedroom Oral Histories Part 1 - grlrm productions
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Bedroom Oral Histories Part 2 - grlrm productions
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Make Money Legit

screen capture video


October, 2016

They told me not to use electronics in my bedroom, so instead I did.

Zine, digital print.

October, 2016.


Zine, digital print.

October, 2016

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