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My work is an overall inquiry into Placemaking. Placemaking can be broadly defined as the mechanisms (practices, perceptions, representations, politics, and poetics) that go into physical and metaphysical spatial structuring.  I negotiate these relationships and represent them in ways that demonstrate their fluidity.


I seek out subject matter that can be connected to conversations in urban planning, spatial design, and psychogeography.  My work takes the form of 2-D displays (maps and represented landscapes), 3-D installations (archived data, site specific, and object collection), and participatory experiences.  Currently, I am focusing on the role of memory, nostalgia, and personal spatial utility.


Space is not just a relationship of objects but a relationship of interactions.  I want to show the complexities involved in fully knowing a place.  By getting to know a place intimately through these processes, I am cultivating a critical and empathetic mindset to evaluate its essential structures.  It is important to display this work to an audience because knowing a place instills ownership, which can in turn lead to responsible citizenship.

Photo by Muuqi Maxwell

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